what is an event designer?

What is an event designer? I mean, what do you actually do – specifically?

The simple answer is that we take care of all the big stuff and the planner takes care of the detail stuff. But that isn’t really a good answer.  Let’s start with defining a planner’s job (and likewise, things a designer generally will not do).

A planner will work with all your vendors and your budget. They will help taste your menu or design your wedding cake.  They will make your phone calls and coordinate your vendors. The planner is your go to person for all of these details. They are the engineer and the accountant of your life’s great event. Their focus is supervising all the details of the day – it is not (and should not) be design.

That is where the event designer comes in. We work with you to put all the details together in one overall, cohesive design. We are focused on the details of your event, the goals the design needs to accomplish. We don’t get involved in purchasing your dress or matching ties for the tuxedos.  We don’t make phone calls to photographers or limo companies. We just take all the elements you are working with and swirl them into our magic pot to create one unbelievable event design.

To quote from bonafidebride.com “While a wedding planner is strongest in the logistics and planning of your wedding, an event designer shines when designing the aesthetics of your wedding.  This is where the ‘wow’ factor comes in.  An event designer (sic), has the ability to create things from scratch.  If you’re envisioning a die-cut wooden cursive sign hanging above your custom wedding altar made of vintage doors and wrought iron gates, an event designer is the one who can make this a reality.  A great event designer has all of the tools to create the details to make your wedding unique, from a workshop to electronic cutting machines and the inside scoop on where to find the right props for the job.”

At Table 4 Decor, when hired for events we ask a series of questions designed to help us understand your style and how you are presenting this event. We take into account the basics like how many, where and when. Then we find out more – what other elements are being used? What is the goal of the event? Budget? Weird idea you were thinking about but weren’t really sure you could execute? Bring it on. A good designer will help you solve all your problems and probably some you didn’t even think about.

A planner is hired to coordinate all the details of the day. The planner does not lead the design meetings or set up the room decor. The planner makes sure we show up on time, have the proper number of items required and meet your specifications. They are the accountant, we are the construction crew. They will hold your hand and help you keep calm. We will take your breath away.

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ideas about event design and function from one little party design firm on the prairie... a glimpse into design with dakota style.
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