Introducing designer Alayna Richardson

People like to think that South Dakotans do not have a good eye for design. In South Dakota it is hard for creative individuals to break free from the stereotypical views that have been pushed upon us. In fact, being in the wedding business has opened my eyes to the many creative people that are actually right here in my home town of Rapid City. Creative designs can be discovered everywhere; from cake designer, to florist, wedding dress designer, and of course the wedding designers themselves, and many more.

Alaynas-Huge-CenterpieceMy name is Alayna;I work for a very talented design company called Table 4 Decor that specializes in wedding décor. I have been with this company for almost five years now in March. I have been given the privilege to be part of a team and help create some of the most spectacular weddings here in South Dakota.

I say team, because that is what it takes to create the perfect wedding for the clients and their families. The team consists of everyone, not just the crew here at Table 4 Décor, but the planners, DJs/entertainment, caterers, florist, officiant, photographers and many more. These creative individuals have an amazing eye for design and contain true talent in the art that they provide.

Design and creativity is smeared across the wedding industry. It takes a designers eye to create a meal that corresponds with the theme of the wedding, or to find the perfect lighting or scenery to capture the first kiss on camera. It takes a designers eye to create an exciting and musical environment for the clients and their families, or to find that special dress that fits her perfectly from top to bottom. All of these creators design something wonderful for the bride and her future husband.

alayna-mike-scaffoldSouth Dakotans are considered urban country folks,and whenever I go anywhere outside of this state, people think we are tasteless “rednecks” with no style, but trust me when I say this; there are several of us who are itching to show people the varied and wonderful styles of South Dakota. In this blog, I will show you different types of awesome wedding designs, and colorsthat you wouldn’t expect to look fabulous together. I will show you different patterns and structures that will only enhance a wedding design. Hopefully, I will show you wedding that is outside the spectrum of the typical South Dakota style.

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