wedding seating : options in the black hills

Chairs are one of the most necessary yet least glamorous details of event planning. Most places you rent have chairs, be they good or bad, that you have a hard time not using.


black forest inn in the black hills of south dakota

White wedding chairs or white wood folding chairs are the most common and the style that we carry at Table 4 Decor.

Advantages: larger feet so they don’t sink into the ground. They instantly invoke a wedding vibe with their clean crisp lines, medium cost. They are fairly easy to transport and set up/tear down. Disadvantages: wooden ones are hard to maintain and can become easily beat up. The pad is thin – not meant for extremely long seated periods.

White-Folding-Chairs-SamsonitePlastic or samsonite folding chairs

Advantages: cost effective and very easy to transport

Disadvantages: does not do well outdoors, especially if you are setting up on well watered grass or slightly inclined space. The tubular feet have a tendency to sink into the ground and the overall narrowness of the chairs makes if difficult to set up on less than perfectly flat ground.


from elizabethanne designs

Cane back chairs or chiavari chairs are increasingly popular at events in the hills.

advantages: Their formal look and clean lines add an elegance to any space that is difficult to match.

disadvantages: they are difficult to move and store (they do not fold so in order to rent a hundred, you will need a large truck), they are lightweight and blow around easily and they fall into the higher price range. These are best recommended for receptions or indoor ceremonies and not outside.

Other seating options:


event by south holly road

haybales – this is one that has been requested a lot lately. a cute idea on pinterest and perfect if you are getting married in an orchard. However, not so practical if you are planning to seat 200 people on haybales without having actual, easy access to haybales. it can be done but it is a logistical nightmare. If it rains, they are impossible to dry out quickly, they can be itchy or pokey and they are pretty heavy. If you go this route, I suggest seating the first two rows on haybales and transition to chairs for the rest of our guests




photo shoot by real southern accents

benches – another cute idea. And not quite as impractical as hay bales. They can be dried off if wet, are only moderately uncomfortable (no padding) and will provide an instant charming ambiance. However, they will probably be hard to source enough for very large parties plus bulky and difficult to transport.

Most of the pictures of benches we have come across are either for styled photo shoots (which means they are only set up for a few people – like this picture to the right) or they are the permanent chair options for the venue, like benches in a vineyard.

Our design firm carries 4′ long reclaimed barnwood benches. Call table 4 decor today to discuss some of your chair rental options.

But no matter what you do, under no circumstances should you break the number one chair rule – do not neglect to provide one chair per guest. I don’t care if your friends are used to going to cocktail parties and will stand up all night long. You are hosting a party – act like it and give your guests a place to sit and put down their coats. It is the least you can do.


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