why to shy from DIY

weddings are big business nowadays. the national wedding budget average is quoted at between 25,000 and 32,000! understandably this can send a cold bead of sweat down any bride to be’s back. and there seem websites, television shows, blogs dedicated to helping save you money – from foregoing table linen for plastic linen (tacky!) to collecting second hand store vases for centerpieces. or asking your friend to make the cake and your mom to make the food and your neighbor to photograph and your ipod to dj etc. etc. and if you’ve come to this blog for those kinds of tips – you can stop reading now because this is not about making you feel good about these things. DIY’ing it is great for a kids birthday party or a family reunion but don’t you AND your once in a lifetime event deserve a once in a lifetime team working for you?

so now onto the 3 main myths of DIY:

You can totally do it cheaper than hiring a professional.
This is a 100 percent apples to oranges thing. Am I here to tell you that you can’t go to the dollar store and find some vase type vessels that you can use for centerpieces? Or that you can’t buy chair covers for 2.00 online or that pizza is a great meal (which it is, by they way)? No, I am not. But what I am here to remind you to do is pay yourself for your time. For all those hours spent going back and forth to the store, researching on the internet, reading the blogs and the pinterest – how much overtime would you have accrued at your real job? And where you have tulle, we have voile for the same price. Where you have a 20″ vase, we have a 28″ vase for the same price.

big macfuddruckers burgerSure you can get a lot of stuff out there, but is it always the same stuff? A big mac will fill your belly, but come on – which would you rather have?

Oh don’t worry, we have TONS of help. I hear this a lot – especially leading up to the big day. And you know what we usually hear first thing Monday morning, “all my friends bailed on me and I had to insert unpleasant task here by myself.”

Yes – most of your close friends and family arepost-party-mess excited about your big day. They get to go on vacation, visit with relatives they haven’t seen in a while, eat drink and be merry. But most of them are coming to be hosted and entertained – not to spend the weekend working on the very party you are planning to impress them with.

And the unspoken rule nobody tells you about your help when it comes to setting up a wedding – almost nobody comes back the next day to help tear it all down.

It looks just as good as if a professional did it.

good use of color but no wow factor for the lanterns


professionally designed by fete NY

This may be true in a small percentage of events, but most of the time a DIY wedding looks very much like somebody did it themselves.

And don’t misunderstand,  it is not that people don’t have the skills to implement great design themselves. BUT they generally don’t have the resources, the time or the proper products to do it easily and affordably. Where you might only be able to budget time and money for 24 paper lanterns with lights, a design firm will have hundreds in stock and the know how to hang them efficiently.  When you hire a decorating professional, you are getting access to their massive design inventory, their experience and their desire to do their jobs well. They are only an extension of you and your ideas, leaving you free to enjoy your day.


from huffingtonpost

our entire success is tied up in your success, the over all feel good feeling of your once in a lifetime event. Let people like us stress over the details so you can enjoy the party while it lasts!

visit table4decorpartydesign.com for more great ideas for planning your next event in the black hills!


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