the heat is on – or it better be for your reception!


when picking your outdoor reception location, don’t forget what happens when the sun goes down. and no, it’s not the shy single girl from your office that suddenly transforms into the slightly slutty life of the party.  or how your grandma and grandpa get a little tipsy and/or handsy on the dance floor. I’m talking about losing heat. (although maybe not a problem for grams and gramps).

This is not a problem in all parts of the country I’m guessing, but here in South Dakota, we have a fairly short ‘growing season’. Days are warm enough to get the asphalt too hot to walk on but the nights cool down quickly. And though most of my clients are familiar with this concept  as is the rest of the weather watching world apparently: rapid city has most unpredictable weather in US) they are at times blindingly stubborn about this concept.

So I want to get it out there once and for all: If you are planning an outdoor wedding in the Black Hills of South Dakota, get some heaters. I don’t really care what time of year it is – get them. I know there will be some days, especially late July and August that the heat is so pervasive, you might as well be having your wedding on the surface of the sun, but what if it isn’t?

The mantra I will wail from roof tops, print onto t shirts Angerand whisper till my voice is gone…’What if?”

I have mentioned it before: a bride is a fairly unique creature. We all grow up thinking about our ‘special day’ and what it means to us. What brides forget is that it is extra special singularly to them. To everyone else, it is a social convention and a PARTY.  Which means when a bride is thinking how unique her venue will be and how much everyone will appreciate her party ideas: her guests are thinking, where is the food? when do they cut the cake? Do they have enough beer for everyone? Why did I wear these shoes?

So we have said it before and we will scream it again, never forget to provide the creature comforts at a wedding. Guests must be comfortable and once people are cold, that becomes their priority. They can think of nothing else except being cold… which means they are not interested in dancing, having fun, engaging with you through the evening.

They are trying to find a heater, a sweater or the way to the door.

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