get the most bang for your wedding decor buck: part 6

On to the last bit of advice on how to get the most for your decorating dollar.

Tip #6: Enthusiastically embrace tacky.

Before you panic thinking about your uncle’s velvet painting of Elvis, that is not the kind of tacky we mean. Take a deep breath and repeat after me… tacky is not a bad word. 

zebra bedding

possibly too much in a bedroom?


i want to go to this party!

It is important when working on event design to keep the following in mind: You are designing a party in a 2000+ sq. foot event venue not redecorating your 64 sq foot bathroom. What is going to be too much in your bathroom may not even make a dent in your wedding venue. In fact, you might need 40 of that same item just to start to impact the venue space.

Consider a popular decorating item: paper lanterns. Here we have a beautiful venue with open ceilings and a view. Paper lanterns are a logical choice to bring in a pop of color without taking away from the pavilion feeling.  But this paper lantern design lacks a wow factor most brides desire.

lanterns not done well

lovely colors and idea but not quite a wow factor

Now consider the following similar style venue with dozens of paper lanterns – each individually lit…


kapow! and wow factor!

Designing on a large scale is most impactful when the transformation surprises the guests. Think textures, sensory experiences. Set the mood you want! One of the things I often hear from clients is, “I have this one idea but so and so said it would be stupid.” Well I say, tell so and so they are stupid. If you want to

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