get the most bang for your wedding decor buck: part 5

garden wedding

table 4 decor built 12′ tall birch trees as centerpieces for this rapid city wedding

So far we’ve talked about creating great tabletop design; renting vs. buying & using design to draw the eye away from ugly things. Now it is on to the most important design element for large spaces – scale.

The most important tip about scale from an event design perspective – things are very rarely too large. Most design mistakes come from using elements that are too small or not grouped together well. This is especially important when designing large scale spaces like convention centers and event halls. Most of these spaces have 12 – 30′ foot tall ceilings and you need to figure out how to impact that space as easily and quickly as possible.

Let’s examine this in perspective of the current trend that people can’t seem to get enough of – mason jars.  They are great and charming and cute and fit the wedding industries current economic and decorative trend of making everything old new again.  But as a design element, they aren’t the best because they are small.


found on style me pretty

This picture to the right, in my opinion, is not a great use of time, energy or mason jars. There are tons of candles displayed and tons of mason jars hanging, but the focus is scattered. It has all the right ideas, but they are not executed as well as they could be.  As a ceremony site it lacks a strong focal point: it does not highlight the bride and groom but rather the brings attention to the expanse of space.

A better execution would have had a more linear ceiling pattern to the mason jars, forcing your eye down the aisle and onto the bride and groom. Hanging mason jars on either side of the altar or around the two beams would reinforce the desired sight lines also.


4 foot chandeliers give mason jars ‘more bang’ for the buck

We faced the same mason jar dilemma a couple of years ago. A client had a 40×80 tent  and hired Table 4 Decor to help with ceiling design –  you know with the rustic elegance that has been so popular the last couple years.  The idea of hanging tons of mason jars on their own seemed to be a waste of time and resources. Additionally, how many would we need to hang to even have a minute impact on the vast ceiling? Our solution: we created these 48″ custom chandeliers with hanging mason jars and floral. Using our custom designed lighting harnesses and chandelier forms, we were able to make a much larger impact with our 45 antique mason jars.

Once the lights went down, the 108″ voile with lights criss crossing throughout the ceiling also reinforced the three focal points created by the chandeliers.

So when you are thinking about decorating the ceiling of your space – this is one of the design times to keep telling yourself – bigger is better!

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