get the most bang for your wedding decor buck: part 4

Last week, we discussed the options of renting your wedding centerpieces vs. buying them. This week, part 4 of how to get the most from bang from your decorating buck – spend money on the event flow – and draw your eye away from the ugly things.

Don’t spend $ covering up ugly things – spend $ drawing your eye away from ugly things. This design rule is broken probably more than any other. Today’s brides see so many detail pictures in magazines, on the internet etc that it is easy to lose sight of the forest for the trees. What we mean is that it is easy to focus so much on the cake tables stands that you forget to make sure there is adequate lighting for the event. Or spend so much time and money collecting vintage centerpiece items that you don’t provide an adequate cocktail hour.

For example, your venue has a giant garage door for loading in and out and you desperately don’t want guests to notice the door. Covering it up is a good option – but you have to do it wisely.

he man pimple

we all wanted to say it. from whoreders.

Covering an eyesore up just because it is ugly is not always the best choice. Think that poor acne’d up kid in high school + a bad zit + too much concealer. How much did you  stare at that person’s zit and think – do they really think we can’t see that?

Understandably, weddings cost money and most of us can’t get everything we want. But a wow factor can be achieved on most budgets as long as you spend your decorating budget correctly.

Back to the garage door design dilemma- the worst thing to do in decorating-picturethis situation is to cover only the eyesores and pay too much attention to the cute burlap bunting for the dessert table. (see our earlier blogpost I have ugly chairs, now what?) By covering ONLY the garage door, it actually brings attention to that area – or at least the drape in front of that area- and leaves your guests wondering, what is going on behind that drape? And in that one second, your cute, well planned details will be lost in the overall landscape of poorly designed space.

This is how we would handle the space given design obstacles. decorating-picture-2Let’s use pipe and drape to create a design focus as well as cover the ugly up. This option will cost you more for the pipe and drape but it will provide a unified backdrop from which any amazing event can grow. I have added the head table and cake table to this plan and would strongly advocate for a centered dance floor (why you want a centered dance floor). Imagine the wow factor when you walk in and see an impressive wall of drape and lighting. Against this blank canvas, each and every detail you have will pop.

behind the drape there is an american flag, a doorway and various pictures of elderly gentlemen.

This drape is covering an American flag, a doorway and various pictures of elderly gentlemen.

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