get the most bang for your wedding decor buck: part 1

The wedding machine never ends. There are thousands of websites, hundreds of magazines and dozens of television shows dedicated to one upping the wedding of last season.

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As a bride or groom, the landscape is filled with wedding options too numerous to list. It is easy to get caught up in the latest trends, the cute favors, the unique ideas for placecards.

ivory drape country club

a different type of draping

It is also easy to be shocked at the price tag as each of these details is added. The perfect favor that only costs 1.50 is now multiplied by 200. The placecard that only takes you 5 minutes to make x 200. The chair covers that are only 2.00 each x 200. And the list goes on…

None of the items are required to have a party but the design, flowers, lighting and decor are the elements that can turn it into a fab-u-lous party. Over the next few weeks we will share 6 design tips to help focus your decor budget and add cohesion to your event design.

Part 1: Focus on where pictures are being taken


a purple head table designed by table 4 decor

Down the road, beyond the memories of your special day, you have the photo albums. There are pictures cutting the cake, kissing at the head table, having your first dance, making a grand entrance. Create large scale backdrops and blank canvases for design behind these areas.

If you can only afford to pipe and drape one wall – make sure it is the wall behind the head table and cake table.  Don’t skimp on the head table linen – make sure you have floor length cloths or skirts at any tables where guests are not seated.


sweetheart table by table 4 decor

Upgrade the linen at the head table or embellish it with lighting, garland, beads and candles. Be careful using lighting under the head table however,  too  much lighting will pull your eye to the ground.

10  years down the road, the pictures you remember are the ones of you, with your family, those are the ones you look at. turquoise black head table decorGood design will become a part of the feeling of the day, a subtle backdrop to each memory. There are many smaller design details that are easy to get caught up in but never stop looking at the big picture. The cute burlap ribbon with everyone’s name clothes pinned to it is great, but it should be lower on the list of design priorities than your head table and cake table design.

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