how a bride should actually use pinterest

I have recently come to the realization that I might hate pinterest. Or more to the point, I hate how pinterest has taken away the concept of editing.

If you’ve ever read this blog, you know I design events for a living and Pinterest has become part of the event lexicon overnight. But what does it mean to event professionals?

We use Pinterest to post pictures of our events and that is pretty much all we have time for. I have a board because I should but that is the extent of my personal business commitment. However, our clients are in love with Pinterest. They have tons of fun and time invested in creating board after board of event ideas. But only about half of them are using it properly and here’s why –


old school pinterest board

Imagine pinterest as a large corkboard in your home and somebody handed you 50 thumbtacks and said “go – design an event.”

(each item on the board would have to be an actual sample or photograph) What would you think? Is 50 thumbtacks too many or too few?

After you spend time tracking down fabric samples; candle samples; china patterns; centerpieces; décor, are you going to fill the board completely or need more space? Will you be more cautious about your selections? Reevaluating continually, weighing the value of each item?

hilariously perfect from

hilariously perfect from

Then there is the vitual corkboard- pinterest – Only on this corkboard you can add as many ideas or pictures that you want with nothing more than the click of a button. You add it here, post it there, click on to the next thing without any thought to what you just posted. In ten minutes you can have 10 different pinterest boards with 50 pictures each. Amazing yes. Useful?  To be determined.

When planning an event, is every single thing you come across worthy of a thumbtack? Is every single hair style or party favor or appetizer that grabs your attention worthy of a thumbtack? Would you commit to that item especially if it means discarding others?

Probably not…

Should you start by researching and collecting data? Absolutely. Should you have 25 pinterest boards like hair, centerpieces, lighting, etc? For sure! But then YOU MUST EDIT.

reminder not to share from

reminder not to share from

Too much information is not only bad when your boyfriend tells you he once used your toothbrush – it is also bad when planning any large event.

Too often we see pinterest accounts that are filled with so much information it has no point of view. It reads as a disorganized mess with little cohesion or voice.

After you put the research boards together, you must pare them down. You must make decisions and use your discerning eye to put it together. Remember – the last board only has 50 pins on it – make them count!


say it with me – Pin then edit!

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One Response to how a bride should actually use pinterest

  1. Emily says:

    I am totally guilty of the pin, then move onto the next thing and have no clue what I pinned mentality. These are great tips!

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