green your event: renting dishes

Thinking about renting dishes for your next event? At Table 4 Decor, we’ve heard many reasons to not rent dishes. Here are some of the top reasons along with our insider response.

  • Plastic dishes are just as nice.styrofoam plate No they aren’t. Are there nice lines of disposable dishes? Yes. But we’ve all had the experience of too much delicious food and horribly inadequate  utensils. So are disposable dishes as nice as real dishes?… Let’s not get carried away.
  • Plastic dishes are less expensive.
    champage glasses

    nothing beats the clink of toasting glasses

    I’m not going to lie and tell you there aren’t really cheap disposable dishes that will cost pennies. But for milestone events, don’t cheap out on the china – even if you end up going disposable. Plates aside, what about stemmed glassware? As of the time of this blog, retail plastic champagne flutes were 50 cents to 90 cents apiece on Rental glassware costs average 40 cents to 75 cents per stem. Not only is that less expensive, rental glassware will actually make a clinking sound when guests are toasting to your new life, continued success, happy retirement…

  • My drunken friends will break everything. At Table 4 Decor, we lose less than 4% of china/silverware/glassware per year. Most of the items are just missing, rather than broken. A small amount of them are returned with chips and then removed from inventory. The charge depends on the rental companies policy on breakage.
  • It’s too much work to hold a heavy plate, fork, glass etc. This makes mecater plate think of the late night infomercial that introduced the cater plate – the guy in the commercial was so befuddled by a glass AND a plate that he was trying to balance the wine glass on the top of his head. Gotta love those infomercials.

Those are the biggest arguments not to rent silverware. But here is the number one reason to rent dishes: the environment.  Renting is one small way but high impact way to green up your event.

As noted in an article by the EPA “If you host a party, set the table with cloth napkins and reusable dishes, glasses, and silverware. Consider renting more formal tableware that you might not use very often. Also save and reuse party hats, decorations, and favors.”

Rental is essentially the best type of recycling.  Here’s some food for thought – approximately 44,000 weddings happen each weekend in the United States. If each of those weddings had 80 guests and served a two course meal, that is 160 plates per event.

160 plates/event X 44,000 events/weekend =  7,040,000 plates/weekend.

If even 1/10 of these events used paper plates, that’s 704,000 plates per weekend in a landfill.

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