honk if you love charger plates

greta 1

shiny nickel charger plates match the silver flower towers

is there such an unnecessary extravagance to tabletop design as the charger plate? Probably not – but they sure make a tabletop look amazing!

Chargers today come in any shape, size, color and material.

The most common type of charger plate available now is

melamine. This type of charger plate is produced in pretty much any

color out there. You can also find squares and triangle chargers.


chargers are reasonably durable. They will chip and scratch but extra care in storage and transport will minimize that type of damage. Two important things to remember – melamine chargers are not food safe – do not eat or serve food off these chargers.


square chargers add a geometric element to tabletop design

They are also not dishwasher safe and they will need to be washed by hand.

beach turquoise head table

the perfect shade of blue – glass chargers complete this head table

Glass chargers are totally fabulous and not so totally cheap. They come in a variety of colors and styles. Clear glass designs will be the most affordable but hand made options are very popular.

Glass chargers are  heavy and difficult to store. They can scratch if stored improperly.

If you buy glass chargers, remember to buy a couple extra to cover any losses. The upside – glass chargers are totally food safe and can double as serving platters in many cases. And – as long as you have a tall capacity dishwasher, clean up is a breeze – just run em through and put them away.

barn table runner

wood grain chargers and a barn wood runner give this table rustic charm

Natural fiber chargers have no peer in event design. A gorgeous leather or rattan charger can add depth to tabletop design that is difficult to duplicate. Tabletop design focuses on building layers and we always like to say that tacky is not a bad word – textures and variety make the design pop. Natural fiber chargers are the best way to add another layer.

As you can guess, storing and cleaning natural fiber chargers is not easy. Wooden cookies must be kiln dried or they will mold. Rattan chargers must be kept in a semi moist area or they will become brittle and break. Long story short, do your research on any natural fiber chargers to make sure you can get more than one use from them.

Remember – play with your table. Charger plates will add dimension to your tabletop design and Damn – do they look good too!

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