the empty nightclub effect

party sceneFew things are worse than attending a party that doesn’t have enough space for everyone. The general din is similar to listening to a high school band warm up – many intermingling sounds with no harmony. The temperature is like the surface of the sun due to all the other 98.6 degree heaters running around the place.  Forget about a drink from the bar – you might as well be standing in line for a seven dollar 500″ TV from Best Buy on black friday.

But do you know what is worse than too little space at a party? Too much space at a party.  Feeling like you are rattling around in a large space = party killer. We call it the nightclub effect.

tent 1

tents require minimum 20 square feet per person

twinkle light dance floor decor

dance floor ready for after dinner action

Nobody stays at an empty club. When you walk into a club, dressed up, ready to have a good time – people need to be around to appreciate your being awesome. Walking in to a club too early or when it’s slow is a total downer. Being around people who are around people who are who are around people who are having a good time makes us feel popular. Everyone wants to be at the spot. At a wedding, the key is to choose the proper sized space.

Think of your reception as a launch party at the trendiest club in town – club jane bride doe.

  1. Take into consideration the crowds that will gather. For example lines at the bar or the buffet during dinner. Allow space for lines.
  2. Give guests enough space to walk through. A minimum of 6′ from table to table is a good measurement. That allows for the chairs and an aisle. Don’t give it too much space however – keep it in the 6-8′ range.
  3. If a space is too large, use pipe and drape to partition it off and make it more intimate.
  4. Ceiling height also contributes. A 40×60 room with an eight foot ceiling will feel much fuller with 100 people than the same size room with a 15 foot ceiling.
  5. Design the space to maximize decor dollars. Can pipe and drape be used to provide a focal backdrop and minimize the space? Can a centered dance floor take up space and unify the room design? Can a double buffet get people fed faster and fill in the floor plan?

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