the wedding teardown hangover

hangover barbie

girl-you had a rough night!

Getting paid to design the extravagant, the over the top, the indulgent is an easy job to love. However, every great event, much like every great girls night out, comes with a 8 am hangover that always takes longer to get rid of than originally planned.

sylvan lake wedding trees

a beautiful black hills wedding

The wedding excitement always hits fast and hard. The planning, the anticipation, the (in many cases) largest party most of us will throw in our lifetimes. It is easy to get caught up in picking dresses, designing tabletops, tasting menus and cakes, finding favors, planning…planning …planning.

The big day comes and it is everything you imagined and more. Your friends from college come, your family members laughing and spending time together. Your future spouse truly enjoying the day – noticing the small details they included just for him. A day focused on you and one of your life’s great milestones. Everyone is commenting on the delicious food, fun ambiance, gorgeous centerpieces and you are the center of attention, loving every minute of it.

nyc cleanup

50 tons of garbage is generated after the NYC ball drop!

Then it all comes to an end – quick and jarring, the lights come up, the staff starts glaring at you so they can go home. The guests gather purses and coats, exclaim their last good byes and slowly funnel out the door. There is clean up, tear down, sales, distribution and garbage. The same people that enthusiastically helped you set it all up are now enthusiastically heading for their cars. And all you want to do is sleep.

Don’t underestimate the teardown hangover. At the end of your perfectly executed event, do you want to clean up? Or the next morning, when you should be reliving every single detail from the magical evening, do you want to be bagging up linen, disassembling centerpieces, stacking chairs?

Taking out the trash

check out this related ask amy column from the huffington post. “A bride asks guests to take out trash”

As a bride you have many great ideas, ways to make your wedding special to you – menu cards with trivia about the bride and groom; centerpieces that everyone says are so “you”; a first dance that doesn’t leave a dry eye in the place. But when the last dance is danced and the last drunk uncle is kissed goodnight, do you see yourself bussing tables, hauling out garbage, tearing down chair covers?

It’s not a fairy tale ending to write about.

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