5 freaking fantastic thanksgiving tablescapes

So as usual, Thanksgiving has snuck up on us. At Table 4 Decor, we don’t have a lot going on during November (except booking fabulous events for 2013) so of course, we realized only yesterday that Thanksgiving is this week. We put together 5 tabletop freaking fantastic tabletop ideas for your holiday feast.

stuff you find in your yard

simple pods and berries make charming centerpiece options for the fall season

Just a quick walk around the block gave me all the inspiration and most of the product I needed to create a great natural tablescape. The pods, pinecones and wooden stump were all scavenged from outside. I used a 2″ drill bit (and a drill press) to drill a  hole in the stump to hold the artificial sunflowers.         We used maize crush linen, gold napkins, glass amber charger plates and birch napkin rings to bring this natural tablescape to life.

stuff you find in your kitchen

Thanksgiving is a holiday whose primary purpose is to stuff ourselves to the point where unbuttoning one’s pants is actually socially acceptable. Since so much of the day focuses on the kitchen, we thought why not use kitchen items to create a dazzling tablescape? So we did.

Copper jello molds and baking pans were the perfect answer. The warmth of the copper combined with the rough burlap was a perfect juxtaposition. Simple berry and rosehip picks filled the containers.                                                                                   

a vintage recipe card makes the perfect placecard!

stuff you find in your kids room 

This is a great tablescape for your kids to help with. We built little lincoln log cabins and used green votives for color. A remnant piece of flannel was the perfect table covering for this homage to early architecture.

stuff your guests can do

use oasis wire and a needlenose pliers to make these wire card holders

Need something for your guests to do to keep them out of the kitchen (and grubby little fingers from ‘taste testing’ everything in sight)? This centerpiece is interactive. Each place setting is set with a note, pen and blank piece of paper.  We asked them to write what they are thankful for – but you could ask for anything. A doodle, a story, a friends name that couldn’t attend. After they scribe their genius – simply place it in the wire clips in the centerpiece.

The box was made using a 1×4 piece of redwood. We cut 3 pieces at 26″ long and two pieces at 5.5″ long and simply nailed them together. We lined the bottom of the box with foam and covered it with mini gourds and bead garland. Pine chargers and pintuck linen completed the look.

stuff we made

only a few turkeys died making these boas

This is our modern take on the Thanksgiving dinner table. We couldn’t quite part with orange as part of the color scheme but we paired it with silver circle taffeta and feather boas (turkey feathers of course) for a fresh take on old traditions.  The flowers were made using very wide paper ribbon and artificial protea flowers for the center. The napkin roses repeated the round theme already present on the table.

We wish you a freaking fantastic Thanksgiving. Design is everywhere, share some of it with your loved ones this holiday season.

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One Response to 5 freaking fantastic thanksgiving tablescapes

  1. Emily says:

    What great ideas! And from things that we all have! You always come up with freaking fantastic ideas!

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