vintage chic tablescape in all white

ImageTime had come for a new window display by Table 4 Decor’s design team in Audra’s Bridal Gallery. Our inspiration came from great new all weather acrylic chandeliers and some ruined white organza sashes.

Imagewe started where we always start – with the fabrics. beautiful, glorious fabrics that paint my dreams. In this case a monochromatic color scheme with variety fit our needs: poly stripe (alternating 1″ stripes in matte and shiny satin) for the underlay cloth. A pintuck taffeta for the overlay, polyester napkins and organza sashes to complete the tablescape.

the vintage look that has been so popular recently is all about layers – conveying a sense of history by layering a variety of items.

But rather than the more popular rustic vintage look that uses course textiles and more homey items from your grandma’s closet – we went to grandma’s closet for the good stuff (and not the secret stash of peppermint schnapps hidden behind the quilts) but the silver, pearls and crystals that see the light of day on the very most special of occasions (just like the schnapps!)


liberace candelabra


from trash to treasure

Since fabrics were dominating this design, we created the roses in the candelabra with chair sashes that had spent too much time in the dryer. prior to this fabu centerpiece we would have called the sashes ruined but now we call these flowers vintage chic. In the temporary world of event design – it’s all about perception.

silver & white = crisp


don’t forget the charger plates – adding to the word of the day – layers! the nickle chargers provide one more layer to the table but keep the color scheme in check.

white wooden chairs with a simple organza sash and crystal detailing accent the overall design without overwhelming.

We pulled the whole thing together with black and white patterned fabric panels and our brand new acrylic chandeliers.  talk about vintage chic…

vintage chic design tips:

Layers: we can’t stress it enough. to achieve the feeling of age, layers make it happen. pick fabrics that are textured or patterned

– tacky is not a bad word. we say this a lot but in event design you need to think big. crystals & silver are good; crystals silver & feathers are even better.

– think about your mom’s “good” china.  all the china, crystal, silver that was carefully kept hidden and maybe used once a year at Christmas. Well it’s time to pull it out and polish it up because baby – you’ve got a vintage chic table to create!

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